SAT - 3KV (V2) Isolation Transformer

  SAT - 3 KV Isolation Transformer SAT-3KV Cryo Extra thick Gold plated outlet and IEC male with CryogenicTreatment 3000VA (15 Amps) Isolation Transformer  Equipped with Hi-End Grade Compensation Capacitor SINE MICaudio  

SAT - 3KV (V2)
Isolation Transformer

This is the ultimate statement in power conditioning technology, providing extremely low-impedance, high-current conditioning for power-demanding high-end audio and visual devices. The separation of electric circuits of audio equipment from the mains power keeps them away from electrical noise and electric shocks.


  • 3000 VA (13 Amps) power output

  • 4 pairs of top-quality duplex outlet

  • Extra thick gold-plated outlet and IEC male with cryogenic treatment

  • 12 AWG solid-core copper used in internal wiring

  • Equipped with hi-end compensation capacitors

  • A special compensation circuit is used to enhance the flow of electricity

  • 15 amp circuit breaker with cryogenic treatment

  • 8 mm thick aluminium-alloy chassis


Dimensions: (L) 325 mm (H) 270 mm (W) 145 mm
Net Weight: 24 kg
Gross Weight: 29 kg
Colour: silver


User's Manual

Customer Comment

"Both the input voltages on the SRT as well as on the SAT are frozen at 230 V without even fluctuating a bit when I stood for almost half an hour observing it while listening to the whole set-up in action. Thus, this shows how accurate and steady the SRT is capable of constantly regulating the input power automatically at the set voltage while the SAT consistently isolates it at the supplied voltage at all times. I then decided to grab the demo Sine SRT-3KV since it will be well cooked after that impressive running-in. Unfortunately, it was already sold the day before. What a waste, whoever bought it really made a very fast & smart move there and then. Will wait till the Show in Nov to try my luck again and this time I will be early." "Ya, I was at the show on Sunday morning and saw the whole set-up and was very impress with it."