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  • SINE Caspian5

    Caspian 5

    This is a progression of SINE's mastery innovation. In addition to utilizing the technology of cryogenic treatment, the circuit has been designed so that the electrical pathways through your hi-fi equipment has been completely separated from the polluted mains power.

  • SINE S-30A Power Conditioner

    SINE S-30A Dual Filtration Power Conditioner

    S30A, a great dual magnetic conduits design power conditioner! SINE cryogenic treatment technology applied to all parts of the conditioner. Inside S30A, a parallel dual electromagnetic conduits purify the dirty electricity.

  • SINE CRYO Power

    -196°C Cryogenic Treatment

    Cryogenic Treatment Services provides a specialist cryogenic process for improving the performance of cables, circuit boards and other electronic equipment.

  • Alonso CRYO Speaker Cable

    Alonso CRYO Speaker Cable

    Alonso SC has been designed in a way that different styles of audio recordings are handled equally well. With Alonso in the set-up, impressive performance will be heard, no matter the characteristics of input.

Cassio PC
Special Silver Power cords
Cassio PC

Cassio is adapted to produce a lifelike soundstage. With only a certain number of speakers, Cassio helps to replicate the atmosphere where sound seems to come from exactly the location of the original source.

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Nano Platinum Power Socket

Dual Plating, Extra-thick nano platinum plating over phosphor-bronze plating. Sound very quiet background, wide range of dynamics, Transparent.

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